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Dunellen Businesses
(Starting April 2009 we will list all businesses with a link to their website.   In 2010 only paid advertisers will have a link to their website)

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Al's Deli
500 North Ave.
Automotive Tailors
120 Lincoln Ave,
Dunellen, NJ 08812

(732) 752-0256
Avellino's Pizza
625 Bound Brook Rd
Independent Sales Representative
Veronica Ramos
416 Center Street
Dunellen, NJ 08812
(732) 424-8002
(732) 609-2763
Bank of America
405 North Ave
Belle Mani
212 Whittier Ave
Bunales Lilia F MD
360 Mountain Ave
Busy Bee Nusery School
150 Dunellen Ave.
C & R Wireless
354 North Ave.
Cayman Hair Designers
240 North Ave.
Chicken Holiday
390 North Ave.
China Garden
209 North Ave.
City Cab
114 M. Washington Ave.
Collins Richard D DDS
146 New Market Rd.
Crimson Caterers
647 Bound Brook Rd
Crown Bank
324 North Ave.
Cupcake Couture Store
DC Nails
262 North Ave
Dales Auto
150 North Ave.
Devine's Pharmacy
374 North Ave.
Distinctive Dentistry
239 Dunellen Ave
DMO Designs
121 N. Washington Ave
Dunellen Auto Glass
148 North Ave
Dunellen Auto Supply
501 North Ave
Dunellen Auto Spa
639 Bound Brook Rd.
Dunellen Bail Bonds
353 North Ave.
Dunellen BBQ
626 Bound Brook Rd
Dunellen Bagel
390 North Ave
Dunellen Dental Care
208 N. Washington Ave.
Dunellen Family Dental Care
220 N. Washington Ave.
Dunellen Hotel
120 N. Washington Ave.
Dunellen Liquors
195 North Ave.
Dunellen TV Shop
383 North Ave.
ERA Van Syckel, Weaver and Lyte Realtors
Dawn Route-Real Estate Consultant
E-Mail:  dawn.ruete@era.com
Phone: 908-930-2408
Edison Cardiology
307 N. Washington Ave.
Ff & CA Ent. (Limo Service)
634 Bound Brook Rd.
Proffessional Make up Artist
Weddings-Proms,-Special Events
Dunellen, NJ
Frank & Son Barber Shop
528 North Ave.
Gerow Grant DDS
612 Bound Brook rd.
Gulio's Pizza & Restaurant
201 North Ave.
Harry's Deli
500 South Ave.
Heidi's Cottage
445 North Ave.
In the Cut
258 North Ave.
Investors Savings Bank
204 N. Washington Ave
Just Us Children Child Care
419 North Ave
Lily Yip Table Tennis Center
370 North Avenue
Dunellen, NJ  08812
(732) 200-5820
Marlenny's Haircutters
381 North Ave.
Mike's Subs
14 S. Washington Ave.
Miles Upholstery
336 North Ave.
Mis Amigo
373 North Ave.
Mundy Funeral Home
142 Dunellen Ave.
New Jersey Solutions
431 North Ave.
Nick's Repair Service
20 Prospect St.
Number 1 Auto Body Inc
134 Pulaski St.
Panda Restuarant
350 North Ave.
Party Lite Candle & Accessory
By Appointment
Personal Training by Samatha
By Appointment
Ponti Petals
204 N. Washington Ave.
Roxy & Dukes Roadhouse
745 Bound Brook Rd
Precisious Gift a Day Care Center
400 New Market
Provident Bank
333 North Ave
Prudential NJ Properties
By Appointment
634 Bound Brook rd.
Quick Chek
North Ave.
Reliable Auto
519 Bound Brook Rd.
Rome Pizza
334 North Ave.
Ronnies Unisex Hair Cutting
112 N. Washington Ave.
Roxy and Dukes Roadhouse
745 Bound Brook Rd.
Sal's Barber shop
500 North Ave.
Service Express LLC
350 North Ave.
Sheenan Funeral Home
233 Dunellen Ave.
Sheer Motion
516 North Ave.
Stanley Florist
124 North Ave.
Studio 380
380 North Ave.
Sunny Nails
238 North Ave
Temples School Of Karate
316 Jackson Ave.
Terzis M Jay DDS
216 N. Washington Ave.
The Break
340-346 North Ave
Total Hearing Care
376  North Ave.
Tunison Home Improvements
Bound Brook Rd.
Turlips Garage
431 North Ave.
Twice as Nice Unisex Hair
233 North Ave.
P.O. Box 36
UPS Store
191 North ave.
Vinny's Power Washing & Gutter Cleaning
Dunellen, NJ
Viva Nail & Spa
199 North Ave
123 N. Washington Ave.
Wireless Hub
532 Bound Brook Rd
World Gym
100 S. Washington Ave.
Xpression Nail Salon
312 North Ave
Zupkos Tavern
450 North Ave.

If you would like to get your Dunellen business listed, please send us your information and website address.
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