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About Me…Bob Nelson
(My wife Pat calls this the "What About Bob" page.)

our warehouseMy dad worked for Pope & Talbott as a master mechanic, so I suppose that's what I expected to be when I grew up. But, at age 16, I got a job at Safeway, and that determined my career path. Now, 40 years later, I'm still running a price gun and am never without my box cutter, and I wish I had a dollar for every pallet I've shrink wrapped.

I eventually became Variety Manager at my hometown Safeway store. When they moved to a new building in 1981 and didn't want another grocery in the old location, they opened a closeout store and named me manager. That's where I got my first taste of searching for great items to sell at attractive prices. That's also where I got my first lesson in how freight costs affect the bottom line.

In 1983, I opened my first retail store, and that led to many more stores over the next 25 years. When I decided to scale down and operate just one store, I didn't want to lose my buying power. I still wanted to buy from the same vendors that had treated me well for years, but I knew I could no longer order enough merchandise to meet their minimums and I would pay much more freight if I could not buy by the trailer.

I knew I wasn't the only small retailer in that predicament. Many retailers cannot take the time away from their stores to attend trade shows. They can't order in large quantities, so they pay top dollar for their merchandise, leaving less profit. Because they can't fill a trailer, freight costs take another huge bite out of their profits.

That's when I decided that by increasing my wholesale selling—by setting up a wholesale warehouse instead of wholesaling as a sideline of my retail business—it would be a Win-Win situation for me as a retailer and for other retailers. They would be able to share deals and take advantage of my lower freight costs without meeting high minimum orders. That's how Big Deals West Coast Wholesale got its start.

In 2012, we decided to concentrate almost entirely on selling winter snow sleds and winter hats, gloves, scarves and socks.

What else have we changed? We've made it easier for more companies to purchase from Big Deals Wholesale.

No more $250 minimum! Our minimum order is now just one pack!

Bob Nelson

About Me…Pat Nelson

our warehouseI entered the world of retail and wholesale with a credit union financial and marketing background. You'd think the two fields would be nothing alike, but more than 30 years later, I still use the financial, marketing and management skills that I learned at the credit union.

I dreamed of being a writer, and wrote a book for credit union members several years ago.

In 2012, I was offered a great writing and editing opportunity. Dahlynn and Ken McKowen of Publishing Syndicate, who both co-authored Chicken Soup for the Soul books for 10 years, started their own anthology series called Not Your Mother's Book. They asked me to co-create three of their books: Not Your Mothers Books on Parenting, On Working for a Living and On Grandparenting. Not Your Mother's Book On Parenting made its debut in September of 2013. All "Not Your Mother's Books" are available at www.Amazon.com and through most booksellers. Watch our website or contact us because we often offer a special deal on the books . . . complete with my autograph, of course! And there is no minimum order. To follow my writing career, visit my website: www.Storystorm.US. Twitter: @PatNelsonWRITES  To learn more about the "Not Your Mother's Books" ...  www.publishingsyndicate.com

One thing I love is making time for the grandkids. Two live here in Washington and two live in Arizona. During basketball season, Bob and I hurry from work to get to their games. When we're in Arizona, we watch the granddaughters swim,dance and play soccer. There's nothing like proud grandparents on the sidelines!

Our business has allowed us to make friends all over the US, vendors and customers, writers and publishers. One of our vendors from Chicago spent a week's vacation with us a few years ago, and even though it rained every day and we made him trek through the Ape Caves near Mt. St. Helens, he plans to come back for another visit. When customers stop by or call on the phone, or when we see them at shows, it's fun to catch up on news of their lives and their families.

Being in business is all about relationships. That's what makes the long hours, tired eyes, box-knife cuts, dry hands, sore legs and aching feet all worthwhle.

Pat Nelson